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You can choose to avoid Bypass Surgery and angioplasty by 10 innovative methods.

Advanced Homoeopathy and advanced Technology helps to rejuvenate your heart.(synergistic action)

Dr. Dean Ornish had given message to the world that coronary arteries blockage (Plaques) can be reversed by certain ways i.e. Life style modification, food alteration adding more vegetables, fruits to your diet.

In Such conditions you can go for this alternative innovative treatment this treatment is non invasive with almost no (Zero) side affects except in chelation therapy. There are few patients who are over sensitive to any medicine in including EDTA Chelate.

Services overview

Obesity Problem

Obesity is basic cause of most of the diseases.

Kidney Diseases

Kidney failure can be revesed with this method.

Heart Diseases

Angioplasty & Bypass Surgery can be avoided by activating collaterals & removing plaques.


It can stop your insulin / tablets after 1 to 6 months of treatments.It's! unbelievable

Most Advanced & innovative project

 day in & day out the living of common man is very strugglefull & stressfull. That’s why it’s but naturalto have more stress more anxiety, morebloodpressure target Orientation leading to blood pressure, heart attack (myocardial infarction), paralysis (Hemiplegia), Diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, gangrene even cancer (along with other causative factor).

Sedentary life, Jung food, fast food, lack of sufficient exercise, tobacco chewing , Alcoholism, smoking, non-veg food, meat, oily food, resulting in to increase a cholesterol, blood presser is ultimately landing in coronary artery Anises (Leading to Myo cardial infarction).

The symptoms of (CAD) heart patients

The initially patient feels that he does not have any symptoms but things starts as lipid profile get disturb with even bring, blood presser does not show any clinical symptoms.

In the later stage patients starts feeling breath lessness while walking, ascending stairs or eatira affer or while carrying lauge.

This leads to chest pain on left side, sode of the beck, maory times chest pain radiates to it dpper limb, the crisode can be once mith a bone symptoms or it can occecur intermittently one fine morning he/she land up mox severe complaints.


  1. Where Angioplasty is recommended.
  2. Where bypass surgery is recommended.
  3. Where Angioplasty is already performed.
  4. Where patient hadundergone bypass surgery.
  5. Where doctor declares that Angioplasty or bypass surgery cannot beperformed.
  6. Obese (Fat) person .
  7. uncontrolled blood presser.
  8. Diabetes mellitus.
  9. Diabetic neuropathy.
  10. Paralysis (Hemiplegia)
  11. Gangrene
  12. Weak heart (LVEF Decreased).
  13. Cancer
  14. kidney failure
  15. Alzheimer disease
  16. Parkinsonism
  17. Varicose Veins
  18. Autism
  19. Sexual problems

Healthy Heart Healthy Life Spread This Message By Heart.

Ten Innovative Method (Clubbing Various Methods) will be Boon for heart patients You Can Recommend The Needy Person.

In this conditions patient needs immediate hospitalization where emergency treatment is called for

Investigations Required or suggested
1) Lipid profile 1) Angiography
2) Random blood sugar 2) 2D echo
3) CBC 3) USG Abdomen
4) Live function fest 4) X-ray chest.
5) Kidney function test 5) Angioplasty
6) D-Dimmer test 6) Surgical intervention i.e. bypass surgery
7) Serum CPK

In this situation doctor advice immediate angioplasty or bypass surgery. Maximum times patients are not in positions to go for it (Mentally/Physically/Financially) some time patients are reluctant to go for angioplasty or bypass surgery. In another situation Doctors are reluctant to go for surgery due to certain reasons like poor LVEF,and so on.

Every month there will be a loathe of twenty patients.

Batch will start at 2th every month.

Patient requires 30 days hospitalization where he will get treatment by ten innovative methods. Some of them are time tested worldwide; some of them are invented by team Doctors from Naik Homoeopathy & Associates. This will be revolutionary mite stone in the era of modern satiate.

  1. On them save heart save life.
  2. Mission making healthy to live life healthy.
  3. Prevention is better than lure
  4. Concealing you’re healthy to live life healthy.
  5. Every Friday there will be free heart consultation & concealing on call before attending camp appoint is needed.

Don’t wait for heart attaec to get yourselfattacked if you are carroxina blocking it’s like carrying a atom bomb Never Post pone near aekage it can create leakage in your life.

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